Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stabbed by my "friends"

I am in a climbing club, every year we go out to climb a summit.
This year we were supposed to climb the "dôme des miages", in the Alps.

However, the list of people "admitted" is out and me and my girlfriend are not on it.

It turns out that some people in the club can't stand her. It's been like this for a couple years, and it has reflected in the way they act around me, and while I've suspected it for quite some time, only tonight one had the courage to tell it.

So we're not going to climb this summit after all, but it's not the worse. A bunch of my "colleagues" are hypocrites, and I'm not sure I will stand them anymore until there's a big talk.

I used to think of us as a kind of family. Oh was I mistaken.


duBois said...

perhaps 'big family' is more accurate than you realise -

don't most big family have stupid petty hates, long held vindictive stupidity and fights for no reason at all?

But *hugs*. I'm sorry. :(

David said...

Thanks :)

Actually it's not that much of a big deal, it's just disappointing. I really wanted to do that summit.

Oh well as a result this summer we'll climb mount kilimanjaro in Africa :)

duBois said...

If you don't start Warcrafting again, there will be more stabbing going on. *frown*

Level 63. :(