Saturday, May 12, 2007

Laptop and kubuntu

I took the plunge. I backuped all the data I had on the laptop thanks to the new hard drive I bought and installed on my main computer.

I am ready to get rid of windows on my laptop too.

There's just a problem. The laptop doesn't have a cdrom drive, and doesn't boot on the network. Bummer.

Ok I buy a USB cdrom drive. Actually, I buy a dvd burner, it's not that expensive and could be useful soon enough.

Anyway I boot the laptop on the latest kubuntu feisty destkop cd, and soon I'm installing it. Everything's going fine, and soon my laptop is installed. The wireless network is recognised, now that's great.

But... There's something odd with the graphics. The screen resolution is not correct. The laptop has a intel i810 chipset, and the resolution is 1280x768. The laptop is currently at 1024x768.
I try to change it, but 1280x768 isn't in the list of choices.

Once again, google to the rescue. I don't remember the details of what I exactly did, the point is I had to run command-line stuff and edit files to get it to work. Which is not cool for a system that wants to conquer the desktop market.

Also, I used to plug the TV-OUT to my.. TV, in order to watch movies. Right now I have no solution to do this. When the laptop was under windows, it worked out of the box, now I have to custom edit a xorg.conf file, and hack until I make it work.

More about this later, as I try it.

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