Saturday, May 12, 2007

Adding a hard drive under Kubuntu

You'd think that with the goal of kubuntu solving bug#1, some simple operations, such as installing a new hard drive on your system, would be available.

You're wrong !

The first thing I did after installing the new hard drive, was to go to system settings, advanced tab, Disk & Filesystems.

There I see it, so far so good.

Now to see what are my options. Can I set up a partition ? format it ? It turns out that the only thing I can do, is set up mount points for partitions. But I don't have a partition yet on that drive. It's not even formatted.

A quick check in my menus shows there's no application I can use to do the task.

At this point, if I had been a windows novice having made the switch to kubuntu, I'd be totally lost and giving a phonecall to the damn friend that told me to install that crap.

Checking google, I see that I can install gparted to do the job. I lauch adept and install it, no problem. I'm just a little bit disappointed that I don't have a KDE software to do it.

I launch gparted, I set up the entire drive as an ext3 partition, so far it's perfect. It now formats my partition... crash.

I relauch it, re-format... crash.

I end up doing a mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb1.

[ I edited some minor typo ]


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Reid said...

You may want to check out qtparted if you're looking for a more native KDE app. to do partitioning.

It's based on Qt toolkit, the same thing KDE is based on.

I agree... it's a bit frustrating that there isn't something more obvious to find though.

jcap said...

I was one of those Windows novices that you mentioned. Being used to the bloat of the old OS, I felt the need to install an additional drive. (40 gig won't last long!!)
Thanks to your comments, I can quit pulling out what little hair I have left.
Didn't know I had to jump thru hoops to get an additional 60 gig.

(Sigh....this was so easy in Windoze.)

Just thought you would like to know you rescued a "noob".

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